Types of Scholarships


This scholarship directory contains more than 100 college scholarships, most of which are specifically geared to students from the Greater Hartford region.

There are 3 basic types of scholarships in this directory:

1. Hartford Foundation College Scholarships Hartford Foundation College Scholarship

The Hartford Foundation’s College Scholarship Program awards up to 50 scholarships each year. The awards are $3,000, and are renewable for up to four years. That means you may receive up to $12,000 over four years to help you pay for college tuition, fees, room and board, and books.

The Hartford Foundation College Scholarship Program is open to graduating high school seniors in the Greater Hartford area. Submit your application for a Hartford Foundation College Scholarship if:

  1. You are a graduating senior who lives in or attends school in Greater Hartford.
  2. You will be enrolled full-time in a four-year college or university.
  3. You need financial aid in order to attend college.
  4. You are in the top third of your class and have a good academic record.
  5. You have been involved as a volunteer in school, community, or other
    extracurricular activities.

Apply Online
You only need to submit one application to apply for any of the 50+ scholarships in the Hartford Foundation College Scholarship Program. These scholarships are indicated with this symbol Hartford Foundation College Scholarship in the listing. The Hartford Foundation will determine your eligibility.

You will be required to set up an account when you apply, which allows you to save your information in case you need to log out and complete the application later. You may want to bookmark the application or save it in your favorites. Additional materials are required. Click here for more information.

Apply Now! There is only ONE application for 50+ scholarship funds.

Deadline: January 15, 2020

Click here to read about the funds that support the Hartford Foundation College Scholarship Program.

2. Community Scholarships from Other Organizations

Many organizations in the Greater Hartford area want to help you pay for college. Some of these organizations have listed their scholarships in this directory. Each scholarship will have its own set of eligibility criteria and applications instructions. Some accept the General Scholarship Application . To view descriptions of these scholarships, go to Search the Directory.

3. Graduate School Scholarships

Some of the scholarships in this directory are open to students attending or planning to attend graduate school. View a list of Graduate School Scholarships. 

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If you have questions about a particular scholarship, please see that scholarship's details page for specific contact information.

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